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Firetube Boilers

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Firetube Boilers

All of the boilers (steam, warm water, steam carwash) made by ISTILIK industrial group are under certificate of international standard of BS2790 and national standard of 4231 and can work with gas fuel and gas oil. Also all of the designs have the approval of Iranian national organization of standard. In all of these products the alloys and fine-grained high-strength steels and seamless pipes of resistant to high temperatures and high pressures with certification of technical specifications approved by Iran's national standard organization have been used.
All cutting and welding processes have accordance with welding procedure specifications and procedure qualification record (WPS/PQR) and are performed by certified welders. All vulcanizes have been checked and testified by the certified welding Inspectors (CWI) and non-destructive testing Inspectors (NDT) under the auspices of the Iranian national standard organization and the quality and safety of welding and vulcanizes are approved.
All the smoke tubes junctions to smoke plates are in expanded format without any welding. Also all the steam boilers with a 1.5 more design pressure are tested by hydrostatic and have certificate of hydrostatic acceptance. It is noted that all stages of production, testing and inspection is carried out under the supervision of independent inspection organizations.
Body of all products are isolated by proper insulation and steel sheets are used for coverage, besides because of the designs refractory cement cannot be used. All the equipment installed on products are high qualified and have manufactures guarantee. All products have an automatic control system operation, the audio warning system with intelligent control problems and output temperature. Boilers body are assembled on the chassis resistant to all strokes caused by movement and weight of the boiler.

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